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Remember, our children benefit greatly when parents/guardians are involved in school events and activities.

For All PTO Meetings:
Send your suggested agenda items to this e-mail address.
We want to hear from you. Let us know what topic you want the PTO to discuss

After School Programs
If you are looking for after school opportunities, the list is available for download on the community page of the Nathan Bishop web site.


February 4: PTO Meeting 6:30 p.m.
February 17–21: Winter Break (No School)
February 26: "Peter and the Starcatchers" at PPAC 7:00 p.m.
February 27:  Parent Advisory Council will be meeting in the Parent Resource Center
(379 Washington Street, Providence), from 6 to 8 p.m.


March 6: PTO Board meeting 5:30 p.m.
March 6: PTO meeting 6:30 p.m.
March 7: Optional Professional Day
March 14: Blood Drive (GYM)
March 20: Parent Advisory Council will be meeting in the Parent Resource Center
(379 Washington Street, Providence), from 6 to 8 p.m.


March 14, 2014
For the past three years, Nathan Bishop has participated in a very successful blood drive. Last year-we held the drive in honor of Ms Schnekden and we are so, so, so thankful that she is back with us this year!
This year, the blood drive is in honor of the late Joan White,
former guidance/Assistant Principal at Nathan Bishop.


Here are a few key things:
  • If you give at the blood center close to the date of our drive be sure that it counts towards our number.
  • A LOT of staff and equipment come to our school so they really need it to be worth their efforts which start at 6:00 AM and run until after 5:00.
  • Please, if you are going to give, give at school on the day of our drive.
  • The only way we can beat our goal of 55 donations-is to spread the word…significant others…parents…friends….
  • Many of you cannot give because of medical reasons….but please try to get someone to give in your place.

Volunteer needs for most events include:
Publicity: create and distribute flyers, invitations, and/or posters — Get the word out!
Organize: a raffle or other side activity
Bake: for pastry sale
Provide: cups, plates, napkins, cookies, juice etc.
Sell goodies (even for an hour is helpful)
Help at the event: greet guests, set up and/or clean up

Students are supposed to have blue shorts and a white Tee shirt for Physical Education.
Next year gym clothes will be sold for PE classes.
These uniforms have a place for students to write their names on both the shorts and the Tee shirt.
Cost is only $10 for both items and they are given right to the need for Mom or Dad to make a trip out to the store!
Contact Ms Delnigro for more information.

Families in need
This school year, Ms. Bianco’s advisory wanted to do something fun and creative for families in need.
They pondered through several ideas, and decided to donate to the Ronald McDonald House (RMH). The Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit organization that helps families who have a member in the hospital.

In this ongoing, year long project, we contribute “Pop Tabs” for recycling.
“Pop Tabs” are the tabs on the top of aluminum cans. Our goal is to donate 5000 tabs to the RMH by the end of the school year. RMH recycles all the “Pop Tabs” for money.
The foundation only accepts the tab because it is the only part of the can that is all aluminum. Donate your tabs in the boxes & containers in the main office, in the copy machine rooms, or in Ms. Bianco's Advisory Room 329. You can find out more about the RMH by going online to
We need YOUR help to reach our goal of 5000 “Pop Tabs” for the 2013-14 school year!

BOX TOPS for education & East Side Marketplace RECEIPTS
Earn cash for Nathan Bishop by clipping Box Tops from hundreds of your favorite products. Each Box Tops coupon is worth 10 cents for Nathan Bishop, and that adds up fast! Send Box Tops to the office in an envelope marked PTO. Our goal is to collect 5,000 Box Tops by October 31. This will translate into real money for enrichment for all kids.

Join the PTO Facebook group Nathan Bishop PTO— for more ways to stay connected to  Nathan Bishop !

Questions? Send an e-mail or call:
Lynette-        401-413-6160

In other news........

The Greene School is a new Charter High School in West Greenwich that provides students with new alternatives for high school.   
The Greene School is a public charter high school.
The Greene School develops the culture of personal, community, and global stewardship using a curriculum centered on direct experiences with environmental science, and the technology that affects the natural world. At The Greene School, students develop and integrate their strengths as they explore their roles in local and global communities. The school will have an emphasis on promoting an ethic of excellence, tolerance and character development for moral and social responsibility. Students are prepared to be informed, skilled, active and innovative community leaders who will become the environmental stewards of the future. Students understand and apply the concept of stewardship as the careful and responsible management of human, physical, biological, and financial resources.

Transportation provided from Downtown Providence to school on school bus daily!
Great alternative learning experiences! No tuition!

Dee Duncan, Director
Phone Number of school: 397-8600

6th grade parents

All students entering 7th grade must have an updated Health form.  The Rhode Island Department of Health General Laws Section 9.3 requires that children entering the 7th Grade are required to have a physical examination.  These physical examinations, preferably, should be completed by your family physician or health center.
Effective 8/1/09, new regulations require children to have 2 doses of Varicella Vaccine, 1 dose of Tdap, 1 dose of Meningococcal Vaccine and 2 doses of MMR.  Please check with your doctor and be sure your child has received all of these vaccines before entering the 7th grade.  Proof of vaccination and physical exam must be given to the School Nurse-Teacher at the beginning of the school year.

Have you made your child’s doctors appt for his 7th grade shots?

Any questions?? Contact Arlene McVeigh RN, School Nurse/Teacher

456-9344     FAX 456-9110

Do you know a parent of a 4th grader from the Greater East Side (Pawtucket to North Main Street to the river to the South and East) who chose Nathan Bishop on their school choice form, but has NOT had confirmation from the Registration Office or Mr. Lazzareschi that their child is assigned to Bishop? 

Nathan Bishop Light Blue Sweatshirts
If you haven't already ordered your apparel, now is the time
T Shirts • Sweatshirts • Hats • Pencils
Order forms available at the PTO meeting, by email request or in the front office.

PASA and the AfterZone program

AfterZone programs have expanded at Nathan Bishop!  These programs will give your child the opportunity to learn unique skills including using tools, building models, engineering solar panels, and creating computer games and music videos!  Encourage your child to get involved!

To get more information or to enroll your child, contact our AfterZone Coordinator Juan Carlos Beteta at 641-4520, or  The overall PASA person responsible for the program at Nathan Bishop is:
Jessie Kerr-Vanderslice  North End/East Side & Olneyville AfterZone Manager  401.490.9599 x107

TECHNO-RECYCLING is in progress in Main Office.  There is a box for your old cell phones, DVDs, inkjet and laser cartridges, cameras, laptops, video games, iPods, PDAs, and GPSs on the counter! 
Recycling your stuff at NB raises cash for our school! 


Register your Stop and Shop card online, and Nathan Bishop can start raising money!  Get as many of your friends and relatives as possible to register.  Register at   Every time a registered Stop and Shop card is used between now and March, we will raise money to support our school.  This program only  runs until March, STOP AT STOP AND SHOP AND START SHOPPING!! 

Keep your EASTSIDE MARKETPLACE receipts, we are enrolled in their program as well.  Have your middler bring them in to the office.  We'll have a box for them.

Food Services

Information concerning our Food Services company can be found on their website.

The PTO will meet the third Tuesday of each month.

Subcommittee meeting night will be the first Thursday of each month.  Several classrooms at Bishop will be available to us each first-Thursday from 6 to 7:30pm. Some subcommittees may choose to take advantage of this arrangement while others may choose to meet during the day, at people’s homes or the local library, or conduct most of their business via email.  This is up to the chairs of each committee.

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