News Week of March 23-27, 2015

PTO Meeting

There will be a PTO meeting on Tuesday, March 31 at 7 p.m. (the PTO Board will meet at 6:15 p.m.).  The meeting will take place in the school cafeteria.

At the meeting we will welcome special guests, Michael Hebert, French Teacher and Ellen Conroy, Team Leader of World Languages from Classical High School as well as Magali Boutiot, Education Attache from the French Consulate in Boston.  They would like to discuss the possibility and interest in offering French to Nathan Bishop students.

In addition, we will discuss upcoming events, including the annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Spring school clean up, etc.

We hope to see you there – all are welcome!

A message from School Administrators – Principal Kim Luca and Asst. Principal Ed Halpin –

It is important to pause and take stock of what is going well.  As mentioned at a recent Common Planning Time, STAR scores across the board are up;  this includes our ELL and special needs students which is tremendously exciting and encouraging.  As we are all well aware, however, there are many assessments that help us, and students, identify what is known and what needs work in addition to STAR.  That being said, at the moment STAR is the main indicator RIDE uses to gauge our performance and progress toward our School Improvement Goals. The fact that these numbers continue to rise indicates instructional strategies and expectations in each classroom that are supporting improved academic performance.

At our last RIDE meeting we spent several hours discussing the reasons we believed STAR scores have improved and planning to maintain and increase our growth rate.  Although it is difficult and most likely impossible to identify just one thing that was the cause, we could not help but discuss the enormous emphasis and general awareness clearly evident around citing textual evidence and math practices 1 and 6.  These strategies have been observed across disciplines and are most definitely supporting students’ ability to successfully navigate complex text and persevere in solving complex math problems.  What has been much more powerful, however, is the increase of teachers observing one another, using rubrics to collect and provide feedback and sharing best practices. Without a doubt, this is the single most important component in our community-based professional development plan.


Tuesday, March 31 – 6:15 p.m. PTO Board Meeting, 7:00 PTO Meeting
Friday, April 3 – No School
April 20 – 24 – April Vacation