News February 6, 2015

Next PTO Meeting – The next PTO meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 10th.  The Board will meet at 6:15 with the PTO meeting at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting will take place in the school cafeteria.  All are welcome.

From our School Administrators –

Our literacy focus is in high gear with our practice of Citing Textual Evidence appearing across all disciplines. Teachers are continuing to use the instructional strategies developed by several of our teachers and adapting them as needed to meet the particular needs of their students.

Students should continue to reinforce their literacy skills by reading at least 30 minutes each day; students are always encouraged to visit our library to make a selection or get a great recommendation from our fabulous librarian.

Students are completing their math and English STAR assessments this week.  Parents are encouraged to speak to their child/children about their most recent results and their plans for continuous improvement.  As always, parents and guardians are welcome to contact our guidance department if they have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting time with their child’s/childrens’ teachers.

Nathan Bishop Drama Department

The Nathan Bishop Drama Department is planning a very special production, world premiere of “Alice – A New Musical” to be performed in May!  Support from the entire NB community is requested!!  If you are unable to attend the ball, please consider a donation to support this incredible effort.

A message from Providence Community Libraries

Rhode Islanders owe more than $7 million in unpaid library fees. 81% of that total is owed by people under 35, and 51% of this total is owed by children ages 6-15. Children and young people are carrying balances that prevent them from borrowing and we need your help getting the word out about amnesty.

Return overdue items, with one can of food for every $20 of fines owed, to any Providence Community Library location between February 17 and 21 and late fees will be waived (sorry, we can’t waive collection agency fees or money owed to other libraries in RI). Food will be donated to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, win-win!

As a special school vacation week bonus, we’re presenting Audubon Raptors: Birds of Prey at 2PM on Wednesday, February 18 at the Rochambeau Library. Since these are LIVE RAPTORS, attendance is limited. Will you join us? Call 272-3780 to sign up with the Children’s Desk.

Mills Tavern Fundraising Event

Mark your calendar for the annual Mills Tavern Fundraising Event!  It will take place on Thursday, March 12.  Details to follow!

A Message from Breakthrough Providence

Attn:  6th grade students!   Breakthrough Providence is one of the country’s premiere programs designed to engage youth in the teaching arts. While our program has been around for more than 20 years some of our greatest breakthroughs (So funny I know) have come in the last 5-6 years where we have adapted the STUDENTS TEACHING STUDENTS MODEL to include focus on access to college. The pipeline of students includes 150 students ages 12-22 each year. That’s right some of our students are teachers as well! And we hope they continue into the teaching arts as a career choice.

Breakthrough remains a part of our students’ identities long after they graduate from our Middle School Program.  Similarly, alumni of our Teacher Training Program – especially those who pursue careers in education – cite their Breakthrough experience as one of the most transformative personal and professional experiences of their lives.

Talk to a 6th grader today (And their parents tomorrow) about Breakthrough Providence. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE FEB. 14 and can be found online HERE. I’ve also attached small flyer to post or hand out as you see fit.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, February 10 – PTO Meeting, 7:00 p.m.

February 16 – 21 – February Vacation

Thursday, March 12 – Mills Tavern Fundraiser